Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Creative genealogy

My first passion has always been taking pictures. I wanted to record every moment of my life! When I discovered genealogy, a new world of possibilities opened to me, because I could now document the life of the ones that came before me. Finally I discovered the limitless creative possibilities with Heritage Makers.

Now I am able to merge my passions in what I call creative Genealogy.

I like to show off my ancestors and my actual family through the pages and posters I create, and also I love writing my family history, complementing it with pictures and beautifying it with the amazing embellishments, papers and tools in the Studio 3.0 editor.
Here is a few examples of my "creative genealogy":

Our family genealogy tree with our wedding picture in the middle, our children at the base and our parents and grandparent's pictures.

Here is a portrait genealogy tree I created armed with a lot of patience. I spent quite some time on this tree, copying and pasting a bunch of leaves to create the full tree effect, but I am pretty proud of it. Maybe I will change the trunk, but it gives you the idea.

My husband is so blessed to have many pictures of his ancestors, so I have been able to create this 5 generation page, starting from my son to his great-great grandfather. Isn't it precious?
This is the genealogy 4 generation cheat-sheet foldout I created first for my children, like the one I then perfected for my husband a couple weeks ago.

These are the last pages of a Family faces book I created for my children so that they will know all their family, the ones in USA and the ones in Europe, the ones that preceded us and the ones that are still with us.

Here I just have a composite of the Hall family pictures. can you imagine a 20x24 canvas like this for your own family pictures?

How about a cool family game where each player will have to guess who's the family member in that picture, or answer the questions on the cards? Check the whole deck of cards here.

Well, doesn't family history start from your own family? So here is our family!^_^

More projects in my mind are a calendar with family history pictures, a cookbook with the secret family recipes, a complete family game board with answers to find in a family book, and many more.
Don't worry, I will share them with you as I create them.

Have you been inspired yet? What is your idea of "Creative Genealogy"?

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Janet Iles said...

I love all the different ways that you have shown the family tree with photos.

Michelina said...

Thank you Janet! There's more to come!^_^



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