Saturday, August 29, 2009

I did it!!!

Today is a great day!
I finally was able to complete my husband's 4 generations cheat sheet fold out!
I had started it months ago, but couldn't publish it because I was missing the birth places of 2 of his great grandparents.
I couldn't find the info anywhere on the internet and all the family members I asked knew even less than what I had already been able to find...
Finally I got to meet a side of the family I hadn't met before, my husband's 2nd cousins.
Sadly it was because their mom's journey on earth had come to an end, so we were at her funeral, but I am so glad I got to know them because they are such nice people and I could ask about their grandparent's info.
They couldn't answer me at once, but after a week or so I had the info on their granddad's birthplace(thanks Sue^_^).
I still needed to find their grandmother's birthplace info, and I remembered that once I did see that name on family search even if not connected with her husband. Last night I went to look again and there it was, even if the husband wasn't listed, the parents matched, and the birthday was very close so I came to the conclusion that that was indeed my husband's grandmother and I could enter the birthplace in the genealogy cheat sheet.
Now my work is complete, and I can publish it!!!My husband is going to be so happy!!!!The nice thing is that now all of his sibling have their four generations cheat sheet ready, I will just have to swap my husband's picture with each one of theirs, and change their data!
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