Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In memory of zio Mario...

Yesterday a very humble and kind person completed his journey on this earth, my uncle Mario...
He was the quintessential gentleman. Kind, honest, thoughtful, always looking for ways to make you feel good in his home. A wonderful husband and father, the best uncle one could ever hope for...
I will always remember how much he used to tease me when I was a little girl.It was almost like a ritual...
He would always make sure that there was pineapple juice (my favorite) for me when I would visit, and I had plenty of chocolate to enjoy at the end of every dinner at their house...
Once I was married, he made also sure that my husband would have Fanta (the Italian kind is gazillion times better than what you can find here) when we go visit...
So many memories....
My heart is swelling with sorrow, I am here on the other side of the Ocean, and I can't be there to mourn with my family....
I just hope that my aunt Carmela felt how much I love her through the telephone... Saying that she is devastated is the least, the pain that I could feel in her voice broke my heart even more...

I wish I had arms large enough to hug her from this side of the Ocean...

Zio Mario will never be forgotten.

Mario Procida b.30 Jan 1938  d. 7 Sep 2010.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Hosting rewards!

The best way to get your publishing credits is through a workshop.
Workshops can be either in person, or virtual, through emails, phone calls etc.
When ordering through a workshop, you not only get the best prices, but you also receive free rewards.
Each guest gets a free greeting card credit, and when the workshops reaches at least $150, the host will be able to choose between $15 in free publishing credits or a highly discounted product.
Host can get even higher rewards! 
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September pick of the month: Calendars!!!

This month you have the opportunity to get ready for those christmas gifts, and at the same time save a bunch of money.
You can create beautiful personalized calendars for the whole family at a fraction of the price!
Give a look at the flier(click on it to enlarge):
This is a great deal!
We really enjoy our family calendar, and my mom, who lives on the other side of the ocean, loves it and cherishes it. It is a great way for her to remember all the birthdays!
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