Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A genealogist's reflection on Valentine's day

Love is in the air...
This morning my boys went to school all happy because they were going to exchange their valentines with their friends at school.
Due to some health problems we have not been able to do anything fancy this year, so they just wrote on some hand trimmed card stock hearts I made for them.
While I do not enjoy the consumist aspect of Valentine's day, I do like having an extra excuse to do something nice for someone I love.
The tradition I have started a few months ago to have a different family tree background for our magnetic family tree has come in handy in a period in which all that we are really focusing on is recovering from our health issues.
I just had to change the back ground to the heart shaped tree, and then I picked the books we had made a couple years ago about the reasons we love each other.

We are thinking  to read them tonight, after the kids go to bed, or even better, we will read them to our children as their night night story.
What better way to tell your children that you love them than to show them that you love your spouse, and why? I feel so blessed for the Love in my life...

Sometimes I find myself thinking twice before posting a happy Valentine's day wish on somebody's facebook  wall, or just uttering those words to anyone whose story I don't completely know. I am always worried about possibly hurting somebody's feelings.
I know that not everyone has a Valentine, and I know that some are really hurting about it, maybe they lost their loved one, maybe they haven't found the one yet, maybe they are just coming out of a bad experience, and this is possibly the worst day of the year for them.

If any of you is reading this post, I would love to share this thought that came to my mind while I was looking at my Valentine family tree.

We are all the fruit of Love, and as such we are all entitled to celebrate Love today, and everyday.

We come from an Heritage of Love. Because 2 people fell in love, we were born.
Even if you grew up in a orphanage, and think that you are a mistake for your parents, even if you think there was no love there, let me tell you, you are still the fruit of love.
It might have skipped a generation, you might find it in your grandparents, even if you will never know them in this life, you are still the fruit of their love.
Because they fell in love, and their child gave birth to you, you are the fruit of their love.

As  you can see, you can choose to be hurt on Valentine's day, or you can choose to celebrate.
I am thankful for the Love that brought each and everyone of my ancestors together, and  I hope and pray to continue this heritage of Love through my children, grandchildren and all of my descendants.

So, if you think you have nobody to celebrate Valentine's day with, how about you spend it with the ones that came before you?

You can call your parents, your aunt, or anybody that could tell you a little more about someone in your family line, and make today the day that you add one more person to love in your family tree, or one more reason to love that family member you want to know more about.

You can look for a blog or facebook group for your family surname, or you can create it, if you don't find it.

You can follow my example and tell the story of your Love to your children tonight.

You can write your story, because remember, LOVE is in your DNA.

The choice is yours!
Happy Valentine's day!



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