Friday, January 29, 2010

Could you use unlimited photo storage?

How many pictures do you take in a year?
If you are someway like me, maybe the question should be how many pictures a week, but if you are just like me, then I should ask you how many pictures you take in a day!
This means that you have hundreds, thousands of pictures somewhere on a computer, on some memory cards, hopefully an external hard drive.
If you already have all of your pictures in at least two places, let's say your computer and an external hard drive, KUDOS to you...
Thing is, both the computer and the external hard drive can malfunction, and you might end up losing some if not all of your precious pictures.
It almost happened to me!
In one day, both my computer and my external hard drive crashed, and it would have been the end of the world, if I didn't know that I had already uploaded all my pictures on my Heritage Makers account.
All my pictures are safely stored there, and I can download them any time, on any computer, wherever I found my self in the world!
I have my Premier membership, and this allows me to upload all the pictures I want, and do what I want with them.
I can
  • Use them to create any of my projects using the 45000+ digital art elements available
  • Download them on any computer, anywhere, always at the same resolution as they were uploaded.
  • Share them with my family and friends, thus allowing them to simply print them , download them on their computer and/or create projects of their own with them.
  • Organize them in various folders and have them available wherever I go! I can work on them at home, office, library, college, anywhere with an internet connection!
  • No need to bring a laptop with you!
 Can you tell I love premier?
Where else can you get all this for less than $9 a month?
Actually, I haven't found any other place that has all that the Heritage Makers Premium membership offers, period!
Check out the video that talks about premier  in a previous post!
You gotta give it a try! You will not be disappointed!
A whole year of  Premier membership for $99.95! Only until January 31st!
Contact me before Saturday night and leave a number where I will be able to reach you, to take advantage of this incredible offer, and why not, get a premier membership for a loved one! Peace of mind, an entire digital scrapbook store at your hand, templates, organization, photo storage.. .Premier membership has it all, and now you can have it too!

BFF get the best!

Do you have a BFF( Best friend forever)?
If you do, I know you like doing things with her/him and spending as much time as possible together.
Who knows how many pictures you have that document the crazy things you have done together or the moments, happy or sad, you have shared.
This year you and your BFF can do something more with your time and your pictures!
This year is the year you can stay on top of your digital scrapbooking and do something FUN and EASY with the photos you take. I have a  great special I am offering for 2 days only to you AND your BFF. Find a friend that you think would love Heritage Makers and getting started (or keep going) with digital storybooking. You and your friend each join Club Premier, one year of premier membership for only $99 (approx. $8 a month!) and then YOU will receive $40 in FREE credits towards any product just for getting you and your friend going. PLUS Both of you will get a FREE greeting card credit. This Club Premier is only offered ONCE a year so make sure you jump on board now. Take a look at some of the projects you can create with premier:

Also, look around the blog, as there are tons of other ideas to get you started!
Please contact me before the end of the month of January and I can get you and your friend going, as well as offer you a FREE getting started demo.

EXTRA SPECIAL: Get 5 friends to join club premier get $150 in free credits and a canvas for $35!

What are you waiting? Choose now to preserve your memories with the ones you like to create them with!
And if you don't have a BFF, working on your projects together with somebody else, might just be the opportunity to become a BFF!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

An entire Scrapbook store on your computer!

How would you like to have thousands of digital embellishments, backgrounds, papers and more at your hand? How would you like to be able to easily search them by color, theme, subject and more? How would you like to have a software that is extrememly intuitive and easy to use? How about countless templates where you can just drag and drop your pictures and/or modify anything you like? How great would be to have one safe place to store all your precious pictures in?
This is what Premier offers you, and much more!
You don't need to download any software on your computer, so you can use your account anywhere, even on other people's computers, at the library, at school, everywhere there is an internet connection!

This is  the last week to order your Heritage Makers Premier Membership $99 for the year! That's about $8 a month (regular price $19.95/month) for all the bells and whistles that Heritage Makers has to offer to give you the best photos and memory preservation solutions. You will practically have a whole digital scrapbook store at your hands for such a deal! Plus you will be able to have unlimited photo storage and archival!

This deal is NOT available online. To get in on Club Premier, call me or email me by Saturday (January 30th) at 10:00 PM EST and I will add your order to my workshop this week!
And if you'd like to add a 12x12 to your order, you can have both a year of premier and a 12x12 storybook for only $159.95!
To learn more about the differences between basic and premier accounts, I suggest the following:
1. CLICK BELOW to see a short video that explains the premier membership.
2. CLICK BELOW to browse through some of the 45,000+ pieces of artwork in the premier collection. The click the "Hide Premier" button on the upper left to see only the collections available in your basic account.
3. CLICK the LINK BELOW to look through the template gallery and compare basic and premier templates and see which you like better! On the top right, you can sort your search by membership, allowing you to view only basic templates or only premier templates. Then, search by type of book, keyword, or even the popularity of the template. Keep in mind that there are new templates being added to the gallery almost every day!
Also remember that with Premier, you get UNLIMITED photo storage! Your pictures will be safely stored and archived for your peace of mind! You will also be able to share them with anyone, and they will be able to download them in HIGH RESOLUTION, and/or to use them in their own publishing account to create a storybook or any other project! No more tiny tini pictures sent through email!This alone is worth the price!
If you are ready to order Club Premier, send me an email with "Ready for Club Premier" in the subject of the email. Please include a phone number where you can be reached between 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM EST. If you are one of the first three to order, you will receive a FREE GIFT from me in your account!
Don't let your PHOTOS go "unloved", Let me help you START Have a STORYBOOKING!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Calling all husbands!

Valentine day is almost here, and we know that you husbands out there have already planned everything... NOT!!!
Well, here I am, to the rescue. It takes just a few minutes to drag and drop some nice pictures in a beautiful 5x7 storybook template, write a few thoughts, and be ready to surprise your wife with what I dare say will be one of the best valentine gift you have ever given her, one she will cherish for years to come.
What are you waiting? Contact me today!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bookmark your valentine!

How many valentines are going to be bought this year and then will fly in the trash in the next few days following Valentines day?
You know I hate waste, and I particularly dislike generic things, so when I found this template in the template gallery, I thought it would be really cool if my kid could hand out these cute bookmarks with his pictures this year. Aren't they adorable?

This has been created in a 5x7  invitation format, and will make 3 bookmarks once printed.
I am also thinking to create some for the grandparents, with a picture of all three boys in it, and just put "Granpa Rocks" or "Nana Rocks" on the back, so that they can see a picture of their grandchildren every time they sit to read!
If you would like to meke your children's valentines stand out this year, you can send me their pictures and I will create them for you, or you can create them yourself on your HM Publishing account.
Contact me to know more!
You can get a free Publishing account by signing up at and start creating unlimited projects at once!
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Interviewing great grandparents: such a blessing!

My children are so blessed to have the opportunity to know 2 of their great grandparents, my husband's grandparents. Every time we get to see them I cherish those moments so much.
I never got to know my great grandparents, or my paternal grandparents, lost my maternal grandma when I was twelve, and my maternal granddad when I was 18...
I have very few memories of my maternal grandparents, as we didn't get to see them as often as I would have loved, so  now I do all I can to allow my children to build memories with their grandparents, and even more with their great grandparents...

Last Sunday we had the opportunity to spend at least an hour with their great grandparents before the whole family came back from church, and I decided it was time to ask some questions.
With a pencil and some paper, I started asking them about the day they met, how they fell in love, the job they did, the places they lived in, and much more.
I wish I had asked my husband to record the whole interview in a video format, because my words can barely describe what I was blessed to experience.
Great grand dad Hall suffered from a stroke many years ago, so he is not able to fully and clearly express himself, so it was very difficult to understand everything, but that didn't discourage him from trying to share his memories, and me from making more questions and listening even harder.
When he was telling me of how his sweetheart was always riding the bus and he would notice her while walking, and how one day he just decided to hop on the bus and sit by her so that he could know her, his eyes started to sparkle, and his smile was just priceless...
Grandma Hall would fill in where he couldn't express himself, and I found out so much about them, and also found so many reasons to love them even more, if possible...
They might not be my grandparents by blood, but I love them so much, and I yearn to have more moments like this in the future.
I realized even more how our spirits are so alike... 
That interview is going to be part of a Family history book that will be printed in as many copies as needed for all the descendants interested in knowing their story.
While the purpose of it was so that I could preserve their story for generations to come, I realized that that simply sitting with them and asking those questions was fulfilling an higher purpose: making my children' great grand parents feel loved, know that they are important to us, and that they are going to be remembered.
I am so grateful for this passion to know about my family that I was born with, and for the joy it brings not only to me, but to many others.
I hope and pray that my children might develop the same passion, and that they will preserve all the family memories I am putting together.
They pretty much will have it easy, as their parents' love story is already in a book, completed with pictures and they each of them  will have a copy of it, plus they will have the whole family history storybook, once it is completed.
I hope they will be able to understand the passion and the efforts made so that they would really know who they come from, and learn to love each and every one of their ancestors, and in so doing, love and have more confidence in themselves too.

If you are blessed to have still great grandparents, if you have grandparents that you can still ask questions to, don't wait, it will be one of the best times of your life when you will see that sparkle in their eyes.
One of the greatest desires of every human being is to be remembered.
It doesn't take much. If you have 5 minutes, use them to call your grandma, and tell her how much you love her, and maybe ask even one question.
If you have 1/2 hour, ask her about her youth, how she met her husband, how they fell in love...
If you have more time, go to visit your grandparents, and sit with them, and enjoy and keep sacred those moments in which you know you are giving them one of the best gifts of all: your time, and the opportunity for them to be remembered.
You will be glad you did it, I promise you!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

All because 2 people fell in love...

I am so grateful for my children, and I love them more than anything. I never cease to be amazed at how these sweet spirits that once weren't here on earth, are now here to bring joy and love in my life...
It is such a miracle!
All because one day (7 years ago) their daddy and I fell in love...
I am here because one day my mom and dad fell in love, and my husband is here because one day his mom and dad fell in love...
Same goes for his parents, grandparents and so on, as far as I know...
While I was reflecting on this simple and at the same time wonderful fact yesterday, I realized I need to make a swatch book to tell exactly how our family tree is a product of Love.
This is what came out of that little inspiration of mine:
And I have done the same for our parents and grandparents.
At the end I have put 2 diagrams, one starting from my husband, one starting from me, with our parents, grandparents and great grandparents.
And then I listed the dates of marriage of our great grandparents
You might have noticed that my diagram is missing  the pictures of 5 of my greatgrandparents...
This is literally killing me, and  I want to take the opportunity to ask, if ever any of the descendants of Giuseppe Bottiglieri and Genoveffa Santoriello from Salerno/Cava de' Tirreni , or the descendants of Antonio Iannone and Francesca Iannone from Mercato San Severino, or the descendants of Antonio Sannazzaro and Margherita Giliberti from Solofra will find themselves reading this blog, and have any family pictures, please, PLEASE, contact me and let me know!
This is the back of my "Family Love Tree" swatchbook:
I am probably going to do something like this with a 7x5 Storybook, and then use these kind of diagrams in an ongoing project of mine, a Family history storybook, which will contain much more detailed info about my family's love stories...
Another idea that came to me while creating this swatchbook was to make a huge poster with a family tree where I will then hang a swatchbook for each branch, with the story of their family...
I just can't wait to order this with all the other swatchbooks I am working on, and find it on my doorstep!
This will allow me to have my extended genealogy at hand everywhere I go, since it will be in my bag all the time!
I hope this will inspire some of you to look for the love stories in your family, and honor them by putting them together and preserving them for all the "branches of Love" that will sprout from the main tree...

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The best Valentine...

Valentine's day is going to be here sooner that you might think, and more than likely you are already thinking what you can do this year that is not the same as all the other years and that actually says"I love you and I really care about you"...
How about you just SAY it?
How about you tell your loved one about the reasons you love her/him in a 7x5 Storybook, just the right size to have always at hand, and at heart?
This is what I exactly did for my husband last year, and what is even better, he did the same for me!!!^_^
You can see my whole book for him here.
And his whole book for me here.
That was the best gift ever!
Sometimes we are so busy in our eclectic life, that we just hope our Soul mate just knows that we love him/her...
Well, that's not the case. The book my husband created for me, reminds me of the things he loves in me, and how much he loves me, and the same does my book for him.
Roses can look and smell good, chocolates can be so tasty and delicious, but they don't last, a book will be forever, just like your LOVE!
So, contact me today, and get ready to see a little tear of joy in the eyes of your loved one on Valentine's day! (or any other special day!)^_^
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Preserve your story and save your money!

So, your resolution for this year is finally writing that book about your life story, or writing your mom's memories, or telling about the hero in your family...
You want to write them all? No problem!
You can take advantage of this week's incredible sale, valid until January 16!
You can choose storybooks in this sizes: 5x5, 8x8, 11.5x8.5 and 12x12, all perfect to preserve your precious stories, as small or big as they are!

Home Alone Sale Items
2  5x5 Storybooks only $59.95 ($29.95 ea.) *
2 8x8 Storybooks only $79.95 ($39.95 ea.) *
2 11.5x8.5 Storybooks only $109.95 ($55.95 ea.) *
2 12x12 Storybooks only $127.95 ($63.95 ea.) *
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New Premier Digital Art collections are here!

I just gave a look at the new collections that have been added this month! They are so cute, I had to share:

All these collection are just a glimpse at what you get with Premier membership!
Premier membership is:
  •   unlimited photo storage
  •   unlimited project creation and storage
  •   new art monthly
  •   free online master classes
  •   45,000+ pieces of digital art
  •   2,000 + templates
  •   it's all online
  •   project upgrades, like black end sheets
 What are you waiting? With this month's offer, you don't want to miss it! You can have Premier for less than $9 a month!
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Christmas memories at hand

Ok, I know I am a little late for this, but I have been sick the whole holidays, so I am behind for a lot of things, but I thought this could be giving inspiration to some of you out there...
I put together a swatchbook with pictures of our Christmas, from the year we met, to this last Christmas.
The idea is to have it at hand next Christmas as a nice reminder of how we spent our past Christmas, and also how our family has changed.
Each page has a main picture in the front with the year it was taken, and the back has a few more pictures with a little comment about that Christmas.
I had fun going through those pictures and remembering each Christmas, and I am happy that next year I will just have to pick up this swatchbook and I will be able to remember each of our Christmases and I am sure it will be fun for our children to see how they have changed through the years!
You can see a preview of the whole project here.
You can do something like this remembering Easter through the years, or Valentines, or birthdays...
Wouldn't this be such a cute and thoughtful gift for your spouse on your 10 yrs wedding anniversary? It could be your anniversaries through the years!
I have so many ideas of memories that can be brought to life through a swatchbook, just stay tuned, and I will post them as I go!
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Want to know more about premier?

You have been reading about premier and about the great deal that is going on during the month of January, and probably you have been thinking about it...
Beside all that you can find on the website,
there is now a video you can watch to learn more about it and see with your own eyes why PREMIER is just it for any digital scrapbook lover and storybook maker!

I LOVE my premier subscription! I have created so many projects with it!  This special price ends January 31st... order with me by the 15th and receive a FREE gift!

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Make this year PREMIER!

In the previous post I have talked about new Year Resolution...
Well, how about being able to digi-scrap at your heart content for the whole year? How about Feeling free to create all the Storybooks you desire at your own pace and do it any way you want it?
How about paying less than $9 a month to have access to 45000+ digital embellishments, thousands of templates and unlimited photo upload and archival?

This year you can really do it, because Club Premier is BACK!

So, contact me today, and make this year PREMIER!!!
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