Saturday, January 16, 2010

All because 2 people fell in love...

I am so grateful for my children, and I love them more than anything. I never cease to be amazed at how these sweet spirits that once weren't here on earth, are now here to bring joy and love in my life...
It is such a miracle!
All because one day (7 years ago) their daddy and I fell in love...
I am here because one day my mom and dad fell in love, and my husband is here because one day his mom and dad fell in love...
Same goes for his parents, grandparents and so on, as far as I know...
While I was reflecting on this simple and at the same time wonderful fact yesterday, I realized I need to make a swatch book to tell exactly how our family tree is a product of Love.
This is what came out of that little inspiration of mine:
And I have done the same for our parents and grandparents.
At the end I have put 2 diagrams, one starting from my husband, one starting from me, with our parents, grandparents and great grandparents.
And then I listed the dates of marriage of our great grandparents
You might have noticed that my diagram is missing  the pictures of 5 of my greatgrandparents...
This is literally killing me, and  I want to take the opportunity to ask, if ever any of the descendants of Giuseppe Bottiglieri and Genoveffa Santoriello from Salerno/Cava de' Tirreni , or the descendants of Antonio Iannone and Francesca Iannone from Mercato San Severino, or the descendants of Antonio Sannazzaro and Margherita Giliberti from Solofra will find themselves reading this blog, and have any family pictures, please, PLEASE, contact me and let me know!
This is the back of my "Family Love Tree" swatchbook:
I am probably going to do something like this with a 7x5 Storybook, and then use these kind of diagrams in an ongoing project of mine, a Family history storybook, which will contain much more detailed info about my family's love stories...
Another idea that came to me while creating this swatchbook was to make a huge poster with a family tree where I will then hang a swatchbook for each branch, with the story of their family...
I just can't wait to order this with all the other swatchbooks I am working on, and find it on my doorstep!
This will allow me to have my extended genealogy at hand everywhere I go, since it will be in my bag all the time!
I hope this will inspire some of you to look for the love stories in your family, and honor them by putting them together and preserving them for all the "branches of Love" that will sprout from the main tree...

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