Saturday, September 24, 2011

Introducing Club HM

Ok, many of you have been asking where to find the Templates for the Creative Genealogy projects that I have been sharing with you.
Well, some are already available on the Template gallery on my website, but most of them I can only transfer to my HM club members.

What is Club HM?

Club HM is a new way of getting your publishing DONE this year! Yes, DONE! With OUT having to wait for the BIG sale, or pay for it all in one lump sum!

Now you can publish LOTS, while paying just a little at a time AND have ALL the benefits of PREMIER!

Check out this clip to see what has all us Heritage Makers buzzing and chirping about to friends, family, clients, ...well, EVERYONE about how they can save 25% - 50% of their publishing points!!

Those of you who understand the value of the premier membership will certainly appreciate getting your premier for FREE and being able to purchase publishing points monthly at a BIG discount instead. I am THRILLED about how affordable publishing with Heritage Makers has become for ALL budgets.
Here is how it works...

Instead of making a large purchase like $99 for a year of premier OR 3 storybooks at a time because they are on sale, we are now offering a monthly membership. It is a monthly plan (without a long term commitment) where you pay, for example:

$30 a month, but you get 40 publishing points and your Premier is FREE!!

When considering this program. Think about what you will make in 2011/2012:

Family history projects
Family trees
Holiday cards
Family albums
Children's albums
Valentines Day cards/books
School projects
Invitations or announcements
Father's Day or Mother's Day projects
Vacation books
Halloween decor or cards
Family canvases
home decor
kids sports books/projects

The Benefits of Club HM:
  • Savings of up to 50%
  • Convenient monthly point plan
  • Free Premier
  • Access to Premier art and templates
  • Unlimited photo storage for photos in published projects
  • 5 GB free photo storage
  • Opportunity to purchase 100 extra points for only $50 at signup
  • Project ideas and publishing tips from the Club community
  • Being in my personal Club HM, you will receive the family tree template of your choice to personalize for your own family, directly in your account! 
  • The Templates I create are for my clients and for my Club HM members personal use only!
1. 40 publishing points and FREE Premier for $30 a month
So after 3 months, you'll have 120 publishing points for $90 and FREE Premier those 3 months.

2. 70 publishing points and FREE Premier for $50 a month
So after 3 months, you'll have 210 publishing points for $150 and FREE Premier those 3 months.

3. 150 publishing points for $100 a month
So after 3 months, you'll have 450 publishing points for $300 and FREE Premier those 3 months.

BONUS!!!! When you sign up for Club, you can purchase 100 publishing points for just $50 - That's a 50% SAVINGS!!
In order to receive the benefits of club pricing, members must agree to a 3-month commitment. After the first 3 months Club members will automatically renew each month, on a month to month basis, but you can then cancel the renewal anytime online in your account OR change your options - moving up and down as needed.

Please take a look at the plans on the Flyer and let me know which one is best for you!!

These new payment plans are ideal for all families as we try our best to keep our money where it counts.  Our Economy is hurting, but we don't have to. You get GREAT Savings (25% - 50% discounts) use of Premier, and family treasures you entire family can enjoy!

Know others who could also benefit from this program?  Get 5 people to join you and you've got a workshop party giving you FREE HOSTESS Gifts!!  That's right, just share and earn FREE Rewards without the party!  You've published and you KNOW the joy that comes from the products, so SHARE!!

(*If you haven't published, now is the time!)  Contact me for details on your WORKSHOP Rewards!!

Also don't forget that next week is FREE PREMIER weekend. You can try it before you buy it! No strings attached!

I know you will LOVE IT!!!
Looking forward to helping you publish all your projects this year!!!

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