Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting started in a jiff!

You have been looking at all these projects and have been reading about how easy it is to create your own, but still don't know if it is really going to be easy for you...
Well, here is a couple video that will open your horizon and help you get you started in no time!
 How to create and send a Greeting Card:

How to create a 4x8 Christmas card:

How to start a project from a Template:

If you have 30 minutes, (or 3 - 10 minutes slots in your daily routine) this will really give you a full overview of the whole Studio account, from how to sign up, to how to upload pictures, to create your project.
It will really show you how easy it is!
Now you really have no excuse, you just have to get those pics from your computer, ask your relatives for the ones you don't have yet, and start that project you have been putting back for so long.
Now is the time to Preserve your Heritage! 
You can get a free Publishing account by signing up at and start creating unlimited projects at once!
Love my Creative Genealogy templates and ideas
My HM club members can have their favorite Creative Genealogy template transferred to their account for personal use, or  can have it completely personalized by me for them  for a reasonable fee.
Want more for less? Check out our incredible host rewards and My Club HM!

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