Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How would you like a free creative genealogy project?

I am happy to announce that next week end will be free premiere week end, and this will allow you to log into your HM account, and use the full functionality and creativity of Studio software even if you only have a BASIC account! If you don't have a free BASIC account yet, you can get it here:
From the website:

"There are many reasons to love Heritage Makers, but one of the best is the unlimited creativity made possible with a Premier account. Premier is an unrivaled collection of digital art, including 6,000 pre-designed templates and 60,000 pieces of art. As a heritage maker you can get access to this incredible resource through a subscription or by joining our frequent publisher's group called "Club HM." If you would like to sample the fun and functionality of a Premier account, here's a no-risk opportunity for you. From September 30 – October 3, Heritage Makers is offering a FREE Premier Weekend! During this period you can have full reign over the entire art and template collection at absolutely no cost! Explore the offerings of Premier by making a personalized card for a loved one for World Card Making Day (October 1st), or let your creative passion extend to photo gifts, wrapped canvases, storybooks, or any number of other beautiful Heritage Makers projects. Where will your creativity take you?"

There are plenty of genealogy-family tree related templates on the website, just go on the website,  click on template gallery
and then type keywords like family tree, pedigree, genealogy, heritage, ancestors to see all the various templates available:
Then on September 30 just log in to your account click on the "unlock Premier" button

and choose any project you like, upload your pictures, and create your wonderful family tree for FREE!
It doesn't get better than this!
Here is a video that shows you how to choose and modify a template to suit it to your own needs and taste.

In the next days I will post some of the fast project I am creating with the genealogy templates I like the most, just to give you an idea, but you can really choose any template you like..

Let me know which project you are going to create! If you send me a preview of it, I will post it on my facebook page!

If you would like to actually publish the project you will create (poster, canvas, card, book etc), please contact me first so I can give you the best deal possible, otherwise you will pay full price! NEVER PAY FULL PRICE!

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