Thursday, November 6, 2014

Essential oils for genealogists

Since I have discovered the therapeutic properties of essential oils I have been using them for every aspect in my life, and since genealogy and family history is a big part of my life, I have figured out which essential oils and essential oils blend can help making our research endeavors more pleasant and rewarding.

A real genealogist will stay up at night when on the path to discovering a new ancestry line, to decipher documents or even just to organize their research.
I found that these 2 essential oil blends really help me stay focused and energized:
Elevation - joyful blend
InTune - Focus blend

I put Elevation in my diffuser and roll InTune on my temples and back of the neck, and literally they keep me going.
I used this combo one night when I had to finish the transcription and translation of several vital records, and needed the quiet I only get when my kids are asleep. I was able to get all my translations done, thanks to the clear mind InTune was supporting and the energy and good mood I was getting by smelling Elevation. I was also keeping myself hydrated and keeping my blood sugar balanced by drinking water with a few drops of Slim&Sassy metabolic blend.

Another oil that I love to use while researching my ancestors, is Frankincense.
Frankincense is the oil of truth, and I feel that it helps me keep in touch with those ancestors that want to be found.

If like me you find yourself among piles of old, dusty and moldy parish records, you know how you could have some unpleasant consequences.
I put a drop of lemon, lavender and peppermint under my tongue, and it helps me keep going through dust and more. Now, the taste is not the best, so if you can't stand it, I suggest you put the drops in a capsule and ingest them, or take the already prepared Triease softgels, which contain lemon lavender and peppermint.
If breathing in all that dust and mold causes me an occasional sore throat, I will take a spoonful of raw honey with a drop of Onguard and while it feels strong at first, it quickly gives feelings of numbness to the area, and helps my body take care of the problem fast. Sometime I will also put 1-2 drops of melaleuca essential oil on the outside of my throat, especially if I feel that the books might have been exposed to mold.
If I have breathing distress, I will use Breathe respiratory blend, applied on my chest and then inhaled directly from my hands.

I have had situations where touching ancient records brought some kind of redness  on my finger. I used Onguard and melaleuca on site, and took the Onguard+ softgels  and was able to take care of it in a couple days. I have no idea what was on those records, but I am glad I solved the problem with natural solutions!!!

Another problem that seems to be recurrent among genealogist is stomach upset: we are so busy researching that we forget to eat or we eat food that we shouldn't eat just because it is convenient...
Thank goodness for Digestzen, digestive blend, applied on the area of the digestive tract where we feel discomfort, ad it helps bring relief fast.

How about occasional neck and back soreness from all those hours spent looking at the computer or going through microfilm or original records?
Deep blue soothing blend to the rescue!!! This little bottle has been such a good friend for me, together with the deep blue rub.
At times I have also used AromaTouch, the massage blend, layered with peppermint, on my neck, and it has really helped.

Ever gotten occasional tension in your head? Past Tense Tension blend has saved me in many occasions! Just a little bit on temples and back of the neck and I have been able to feel relief in few minutes!
Also, drinking water with a couple drops of lemon essential oil helps keep us hydrated and flush those toxins that might bring occasional headaches.

Naturally, I need to keep myself healthy to keep taking care of my family and be effective when doing my research, so I always make sure to have these essential oils and blends on hand:
Onguard protective blend
Digestzen digestive blend
Breathe respiratory blend
Deep blue soothing blend

As you can see most of the essential oils I use for overall wellness in my home are also amazing for the specific needs of a genealogist, which is simply perfect!

Want to know where to get these oils?
Message me so I can help you get a wholesale account and save you 25% or more on your essential oil necessities!
You can learn more on my essential oil facebook page:
Once you have tried these oils you will be wondering why you did not find them before!!!!
They have improved my family wellness and been a valid support to my research endeavors, and I know they will help my fellow genealogists!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Preserving the past, healing the present, improving the future

Hello everyone!
Long time no see! :)
Well, while I have not been posting on the blog for the past couple years, I have not stopped helping others preserve their heritage, and have been answering anyone that would write me with any question.
Why I have not been posting?
The reason is simple. I have been focusing more on my family's present and future.

There is a time for everything, and these past 2 years have been a time of evolution.
I have discovered how much I enjoy helping people not only preserve their past, but also heal their present, thus improving their future.
I have learned that we can change our family's negative patterns, if we really want.  We can be the happy and healthy people we were born to be!
We can improve our health at any time in our life, even for ailments that we believe are hereditary.
We can always learn from our ancestors, and we can put new exciting chapters in our family history that will really help improve our family patterns for generations to come!

I have dedicated these past 2 years to educating families to empower themselves with natural solutions, and am loving every aspect of it!

You can read about my family experiences with essential oil by clicking here:
My family experience with natural remedies

My blog is already full of creative ideas to help you preserve your past, and I think it is time that I start sharing ideas to help you with your present.
If you are curious, just stay tuned, I will not be posting often, but I promise you will be happy when you read my new posts! :)

Feel free to message me if you want to start now on your path to healing your family history!



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