Monday, April 5, 2010

Dear descendant, I can explain...

Have you ever read or heard about the story of one of your ancestor and wonder why he/she made a certain decision?
Why did great grandpa Bob leave his wife and his 7 children? Why did your 3rd great grandma give up one of her children? Why...? Was great grand aunt Betsy really crazy?
Well, one day you are going to be an ancestor too, and unless you take the time now to "explain" you will have a bunch of descendants that will be pretty confused about that one event in your life that is not exactly "normal".
You can write as little or as much as you want, what really matters is that your descendants will know that you thought of them, and tried to help them understand.
You can write it in a secret diary, you can make a book about the story of your life, or just particular events, whatever you choose, just try to put yourself in your grandchildren, great grandchildren' shoes and tell them as much as it is comfortable for you, but at the same time is reassuring for them.
Also, you might be surprised to know that not all of your descendants might believe in what you believe. Wouldn't you like for them to know more about your faith?
There are stories that I hear from my family about things my grandma might have done, and my great grandma also, and I keep wondering if they are true, and if so, why?
Unless I find a secret diary somewhere, I think I will never know the answer in this life.
I don't want my descendants to feel the same way I feel regarding the stories of my ancestors, and this is one of the reasons why I try to write down thoughts and feelings, and when time allows it, put together stories of part of my life, like I did with the book on how I met my husband, and the one regarding my testimony.

If you haven't started yet, I encourage you to start writing your stories, label your pictures, even better connect the story to the pictures as soon as you can.
You are really the only one who can "explain"

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Renate said...

That's a wonderful idea. Thanks for your post! :)




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