Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter family tree game

On Easter Sunday, how about making the egg hunt a little more meaningful?
You can fill the eggs not only with candy and money, but with pieces of the magnetic family tree game!
You can make your own rules, or follow mine:

Find the couple 1 point
Find the family group 3 points
Find one complete generation ( 2 x # of people in that generation) points
i.e: in the 3rd generation, you have 2 sets of grandparents= 4 people x2= 8 points

When the whole family tree is completed, each child will have a prize according to the points they accrued, and the whole family celebrates with ice cream or any traditional Easter dessert.
At my house, we are going to have pastiera!
This  game will be another way to get your family, especially your children a little more involved in genealogy and family history!
Make it fun, and you'll get more fans!^_^
Happy Easter everybody!!!

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