Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A calendar for busy moms

Are you a busy mom? Probably the question should be: "Who isn't?".
Well, I just found a template that will help you keep track of the daily things to do for each one of your family members. It still has a section for your favorie pictures, but the grid is such that you can actually use it as a wall planner.
 Practical meets gorgeous!

Here is  a link to the whole calendar preview:
I have also found a couple more templates that have the calendar grid in a planner-like design:
2010 Family Grid Basic

And here is one that just has a bigger grid:

Remember that these templates are all completely modifiable: you can change each element,background, embellishment,word art etc. to fit your own taste and style, or just leave them as they are, drag and drop your photos, change text as needed, and you will be done in a jiff!

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