Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kreativ blogger award? Who, me?

I got a really nice surprise on Thanksgiving Day!

Miriam at Ancestories wrote me to tell me she awarded me the Kreativ blogger award. Wow! That was unexpected!
As part of this award, I'm supposed to tell seven as-yet-unrevealed things about myself and then pass it on to seven other bloggers.

What to say about myself that my blogger friends don't know yet... Let's see..

1) I was born with an innate love for animals. Even since elementary school they used to call me the mother of the dogs since I would give up my snack to feed the stray dogs that wandered around the plaza where my school was located. This love kept growing to the point that I was the one collecting money to vaccinate the stray dogs around the University. I also learned how to dispense the vaccine myself. I took care of hundreds of cats and dogs all over my 30 years of life in Italy, and had up to 6 dogs and 20 cats at a given time  living around house and my property.

2)While I loved dressing nice, I was a tomboy. You could find me climbing a tree or running after any child that was trying to torture a lizard or even a bug. I was fearless, or at least this is what I portrayed myself to be, even when I was scared about something.

3) I love to draw, in fact I used to design my own comics ever since elementary school, with manga style cartoons. Didn't love so much to color, so it wasn't until I was in medium school that those comics started to look a little more professional... (I will make a post about this sooner or later!). Not much time to do that nowadays with three kids, but I do use my business as an excuse to be creative with digital scrapbooking;)

4) I dream of being back in Italy  and being able to look for my mom's relatives to find the ones that have family pictures of my great grandparents and their parents. Knowing their names and data is just not enough for me.

5) I wanted to have 8 kids when I was a child. I had the names of the first 4 picked out. 2 boys and 2 girls. Got married a little late, lost my first baby which I believe was a girl, had 3 boys after that... Don't think I will be able to bear  a total of 5 more kids, but  I am still waiting for the missing girl...

6) I do NOT like nicknames. I get a knot in my stomach when people try to be cool and decide to call me Micky or Miki just because I now live in America. Even when I was in Italy and somebody would call me Michela, I would totally go ballistic! My name is Michelina, I love it, I am proud of it, and I appreciate all the people that use it to refer to me! Same goes for my children's names, I gave them those names because I love them, and there is a meaning behind each of them, any change even if minimal, would defeat the purpose of that name.

7) I wish I could dream about one of my ancestors each night, and that each of them could give me one bit of information that would lead me to discover a never before found fact about my family, and to connect me with more long lost cousins than I have already found. My expertise and my guts have proven to be valid at all times, but comes the time in which I need just plain revelation to get over that one "dead end".

Well, my favorite number is 8, so I have to add another one:

8) I wish I could homeschool my children. I think I was born with this desire as you could find me in the attic most of the afternoons of my childhood having old dolls around a table helping them with various grade levels of homework. Sadly, due to my husband's current unemployment situation, this must stay just a dream of mine.

Now, to nominate 7 blogs...
It is pretty difficult for me, as I am relatively new to the blogger world, having started in April,  but I will give it a try:

My ancestors and me
Amore e Sapore di famiglia
Tangled trees
Ancestors within
Kinfolk news
Little bites of life
Destination: Austin family

Wow, I did it!!!
It sure it is hard to earn an award nowdays!^_^


Nancy said...

Michelina, Congratulations on your Kreative Blogger Award, and thnak you so much for giving it to me. Nancy.

Thomas MacEntee said...

Thanks so much for the award! And I really enjoyed reading your 8 things about you! I too am a fanatic about nicknames. My name is Thomas. Not Tom, Tommy or other variations. I despise assumed familiarity - I make it a point when meeting new person to ask them how they want to be called.

TCasteel said...

Thank you for the recognition. I greatly appreciate it. We all know how much hard work goes into these blogs. Regards,
Theresa (Tangled Trees)

kinfolknews said...

Michelina, How sweet of you to nominate my little blog!

Via said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Via said...

I'm fairly new to blogging, too, so thank you Michelina for choosing my Ancestors Within blog for a Kreativ Blogger Award. And congratulations on your award, too. You have a lovely blog here. Best wishes - e molte grazie ancora! Via

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Michelina - Congratlations on your much-deserved award, and thank you for passing it on to me.

I also got a late start having kids, and I'm blessed just to have one. I do hope having a girl is in your future.



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