Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Improving a free genealogy Template

Last week I was presenting my class on Creative Family history at the New England Family history conference, and I had a workshop to help the attendants realize how easy it is to modify a template.
This was the Template I used:

To choose the Template, I went to the Template gallery and entered the keyword "pedigree" in the search box.
 There were 11 templates with this keyword

Then, since none of the attendants had a premier membership yet, I narrowed my search to only the basic templates.

In this case there was only one template that was in basic, thus completely free, but it was sufficient for our needs.
I chose this Template which was a little bland, and using the free basic digital art available in studio,
I transformed it in this new pedigree chart.

All I did was:
1) Swap the pictures with the ones I needed.
2)Delete the ones I didn't need.
3)Add 2 more pictures for more children
4)Change the background, (I used keyword "green paper" and "pink paper" to find them in the art collection)
5)Add frames (I used keyword "frame" to find them)
6)Add a flower (I used keyword "Flower"to find it)
7)Add leaves (I used keyword "Leaf" to find them)
7)Use ribbons to decorate the chart (I used keyword"Ribbon" to find it)
I dragged and dropped these elements, re-sized them to my needs, and put them in place.
If you were attending my class, you would have been able to see everything step by step, but if you weren't able to be there, no worries.

You can learn how to modify a template through one of our easy tutorials, like this one:

Since the Template I used was BASIC, anyone can try and modify it according to their own taste and need.

I want to challenge you to experience for yourself how easy it is to modify a template.
Once you do, if you like,  send me a copy. I will show it on the blog and/or on my CavaGenealogy facebook page.

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Love my Creative Genealogy templates and ideas
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