Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time Traveling

Who wouldn't like to go back in time?
So many movies have been filmed about this topic, but do you believe you can travel time?
I do.
I just did it.
I went through old pictures, very old ones, pictures of my children great grandparents, their parents and even their great grandparents...
I looked at their face, their clothes, trying to imagine what they were thinking, and what their life was like 100+ years ago. I need to go talk with my husband's grandma, and ask her about her family, their jobs, what they were like when they were together, and then put a book together so that my kids will be able to travel time again and again even when we won't be around anymore.
Some of them had a few words in the back, and that really made them more precious.
In the meanwhile, I scanned all those pictures, I cannot stand the idea that if something happened to them, there would be no more time travel for my kids, my grand kids, my future generations...
I made various copies to make sure that should something happen to my computer, or my laptop, or my external hard drive, the pictures will still be on another device to make more copies again. This is also going to be my Christmas gift for all the other members of the family (inexpensive but at the same time priceless!), which at the same time will raise the chances to preserve these pictures forever and for many more families to travel time through the pictures of their ancestors.

I love time travel!

I travel time when I put together my storybooks, when I create a family tree poster, when I look at my children's pictures, or my childhood pictures, when I ask questions about my dad, my grandparents to any other family members...
When I write the story behind a picture I am allowing my family and friends to travel time with me at a superior level, because they don't need to guess what that picture was about, when it was taken, what I was thinking: they will know.

Time travel: this is one other reason why I am the Heritage Maker in my home.

Are you traveling time too?


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

This looks like such a great idea!!!

Michelina said...

Thank you, this is one of the strongest passions of my heart!

Shauna said...

Very nice! Thank you for sharing this!



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