Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life happens

Yesterday I was in a car accident.
It was pouring down rain and I was being much more cautious than usual, but this person didn't see me while I was going from a parking lot to another and hit my car.
My car is now totaled, but I know Somebody was watching over me. I got bruises from the seat belt and my right arm got kind of burned from the airbag explosion, and am now wearing a splint for my broken wrist.
I am so glad my children weren't with me in the car.
For a millisecond I thought my time had come.
Was I prepared? My children are all under 5 years old. Would they remember who their mom was and how much I love them? Would they have memories of the things we did together, of what were my dreams for them?

Now more than ever I am so glad that I discovered Heritage Makers and have been Storybooking since then...
My children have books about them that will always remind them how special they are and how much they are loved. They will know their parent's love Story which will make them feel even more special.
They will know our family Story through the yearbooks I have been creating, and they will know their family heritage through the genealogy posters, folds and books I have published.

I had many of my books with me in the car and when I saw the smoke coming from the air bags I feared that the car was going to take fire and I would have not only lost the car, but my precious books. Then I realized that my projects were preserved in my online account, and I could have printed as many copies as I wanted at any time, so my memories and my work weren't lost.

Don't wait for tomorrow to be the Heritage Maker in your home.
Life happens.
I know it now more than ever.

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