Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brides on a budget

I wish I had known about Storybooking when I was getting married, 6 years ago...
We did everything on a budget, I really didn't care about anything but marrying the Love of my life and having lots of pictures to testify of the most important day of our life...
We didn't even have a professional photographer, just friends and family taking pictures with their camera. We ended up with more than 800 pictures, and many of them turned out really cute!
I didn't know anything about scrapbooking, I tried to make a wedding album with some pages embellished, but that was all.
4 years later I discovered Heritage Makers and was finally able to create a book with our love story, foldouts with pictures of our wedding and our honeymoon, and then a simple wedding album(which you can see going all the way down on this page).

Had I known Heritage Makers then, I could have created our invitations using the greeting cards, saving the dates and table place cards using the playing card format, a signature book, thank you cards... Everything would have just been unforgettable not only for me and my husband but also for all our family and friends, and what would have been even better, it would have still been on a budget.

We are living during troubled times, but people still get married, they are just getting smarter on how and where they are spending their money.

Since having a great professional photographer is the desire for most brides, you can still save money by choosing a photographer that will give you a CD with all the pictures and the copyright, allowing you to create your own wedding album, small books with engagement picture as center pieces at each table, signature book, invitations, canvases, posters, thank you card and any gift for your parents and the whole party.
Right now there is a package that is just perfect for professional looking bridal albums and keepsakes for you, your family and friends!
This is what it contains:
12x12 Wedding album
(2) 8x8 Wedding album(great for wedding story and parent book)
8x8 wedding Scrapbook
(2) Change of address playing cards
18x24 Wedding poster
(2) Matching Souvenir Family Folds
2 months Premiere membership
only $299.95 save $124.95!!!

Creating your own wedding albums, posters and any other product is so easy that you will have so much fun and will be so amazed when they will be shipped to you!
You can start by signing up for a FREE basic account here and then write me to let me know that you would like the wedding package or even to ask for any other package or deal with any other product(you can create a canvas for just $100, but could be much less if bought with at least a $200 package!). I want to save you as much money as possible and see you smile because not only you marry the love of your life, but you will be able to preserve every bit of that day saving tons of money!

So, brides, you can be on a budget and still have the wedding stationery and albums of your dream!

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