Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday hits, week 3: Gallery wrapped Canvases

When this evening I found out about this week's offer, I almost couldn't believe it!
I had been thinking about creating a genealogy tree suitable for a canvas format, and here comes the offer on canvas... Is somebody trying to tell me something?
Ok, I will try to cut some time in my super busy schedule and create a family tree template for canvas ASAP!
These canvases are such high quality that you can use them to proudly display any image on your walls!
You will feel like a million dollars when you sit on your couch and look at them!
Here is the flier:

That's right!

16x20 canvas: 2 for $134.95 so less than $68 each
20x20 canvas: 2 for $ 149.95, so less than $75 each
20x24 canvas: 2 for $164.95, so less than $83 each

You can find many canvas templates in the template gallery and just drag and drop your favorite pictures, click publish and have it shipped just on time for a perfect Christmas gift for your mom, your grandma, and why not, for yourself!
I create an album with as many samples of canvases as I could on the CavaGenealogy facebook page, to give you a vision of the many possibilities at a glance.
You can see it here.
Choose between 16x20, 20x20 or 20x24(inches): these canvases are gallery wrapped, which means you can hang them on the wall as they are, or frame them according to your taste.
Don't wait!
This offer ends at noon MST December 7th!
Contact me today!
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