Thursday, October 6, 2011

Genealogy subway Art

Subway art seems to be something more and more people are looking for nowadays,  so I thought I, "How about a Genealogy one?". I looked everywhere online, and I couldn't find one so I thought of a few words that describe Genealogy, and put them together in my very own Genealogy subway art:
I started playing with it and changed text colors and background. Here is a few more:
I think that green and brown work great here because they recall the colors of a tree.
It would look really good framed too:
Here is a couple more version of my genealogy subway art:

This can be printed on 8x8 or 12x12 pages and framed as you pleased or modged podged on tile or wood.
It would be the perfect gift for the genealogist and family historian in your life.
How about printing it on a 8x8 canvas? Even better a 12x12 or a 20x20 Canvas : it will be just perfect in your home!
As you can tell, the possibilities are endless!

You can get a free Publishing account by signing up at and start creating unlimited projects at once!
Love my Creative Genealogy templates and ideas
My HM club members can have their favorite template transferred to their account for personal use, or  can have it completely personalized by me for them  for a reasonable fee.
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