Saturday, October 29, 2011

52 weeks storybook

Sometimes writing our own family storybook might seem such a huge task, and we end up procrastinating to the point that it might be years before we catch up, if ever...
It might be helpful to take 10 minutes each week to choose your favorite pictures of the week and insert them in a folder called "52 weeks".
This will help you create a storybook based on the 52 weeks of your year, and will help you be on top of it without stressing so much!
If you go to and look in the Template Gallery, you will find this very easy to use Template that has a page for each week, with space for photos and text to write your memories of that week.

Here is the cover:
and the preface:
and an example of the pages:

Just choose it as your template, and start adding your pictures and story! It's that easy!
(If you don't have an account yet, just sign up at

Preserve your memories before they fade!

You can get a free Publishing account by signing up at and start creating unlimited projects at once!
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