Monday, October 24, 2011

Around-the-door Family tree

Thinking again on how to use your space to make that family tree fit, and because I really feel we should always remember the ones whom we came from, I have given a look at my front door:

Every time we go out of our house we give a look at this wall, even if we don't realize it... Wouldn't it be cool if when we shut that door behind us the last memory is in fact one of the members of our family tree. What better way to help us remember to make our family proud that day?
Since the space is very little, I am "splitting" our family tree by  creating these 8x20 canvas prints:

Here is how that door wall could look:
Even better if I added canvases with pictures of our kids on top:

Or even on the sides:
How about adding our Family name on top:
Isn't it cute?

Really, there is no excuse not to have your family tree displayed in some creative way in your home.
We are who we came from, let's always remember it!

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