Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Calendar idea: Baby's first year

Calendars are very useful as they are, but they are even better when they have extra purpose. One cute idea is to use them to display your baby's 1st year. This way you can then frame the pictures after the year is gone, and/or preserve them in a scrapbook album.

 This could be used also to write down all of the baby's milestones, or for any other purpose you might think.
I have noticed that somebody has already had this idea , in fact they already submitted a template to the Template Gallery:

The colors really don't match my baby's personality, so I am making a total new one, which is also an 11x16 calendar.

As you can see the one I am creating for my baby is has the 3 generation page as cover, just so that even that can be framed!

Most of the pages I am creating completely from scratch, or like the cover, I am importing one of my previous projects and modifying it to fit the calendar pages.
For the month of March I have imported a project that seemed just perfect for the month and my baby, and this was the final result:

 I am loving going through my baby's first year pictures, he has grown so much!

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