Thursday, October 13, 2011

2012 Calendar - plus Family tree

As every year, I am creating a calendar for me and one to send overseas to my mom, to help her remember every birthday and also to let her know she is always in my thoughts.
When it comes to calendar, I really don't like to reinvent the wheel, so I just look in the template gallery.
This year I found 2 very cute templates, and I was a very happy camper when I realized that I didn't have to choose between the two, but I could actually choose the best from each of them, and make it my own!

These are the 2 Templates I choose:

Click on the above pictures to compare the 2 templates.
This is a sneak peak of what my calendar is going to look like:

I completely swapped November because I really liked it better in the second template.
In Italy we celebrate the Day of the Dead (il giorno dei morti) on November 2nd, so I thought I would have a picture of the boys at their great grandparents tombstone.
May is my birth month, and it is also when mother's day is, so the pictures I choose were just perfect!On this one I kept the top from the original template and choose the bottom from the second one, and just matched the backgrounds by swapping the top one with a copy of the new bottom one. I might add a quote about the love of a mother, we'll see.
I still need to complete it with all the pictures on the calendar grid for each birthday in my immediate and extended family, as I have already done for the month of July:  

I had to make this calendar even  more mine by adding a family tree on the back, which was otherwise a plain background.
I choose the very colorful Family Tree I had just created on a 12x12 page and imported it on the back on my calendar. A little resizing to make it fit, et voila':
I think it is going to look very cute, and once we will be done with the calendar, I can frame this family tree, or use it for any other project I can come out with.
Talk about recycling!^_^
I am thinking that the tree on my mom's copy of the calendar will have to start from me and my siblings, so that she will have all of her ancestors, since she doesn't really cares much about knowing my husband's genealogy!
I am waiting to take my kids' Halloween pictures to complete the calendar but I want to order it before the end of the month, since Calendars are on sale in October, and I love sales;).
How about you? 

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