Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is Santa going to write your child this year?

Many of you are going to have their children write a letter to Santa about how good they were and the gifts they desire to receive, but how many of your children are going to receive an answer from Santa, especially after the post office has stopped the "Letter from Santa" program?
I think every child should know that Santa is very aware of him/her, and feel how special he/she is.
I am here to help you make sure this happens for you child. Can you imagine your child/children going to the mail box and discovering that there is a card like this from Santa?

This is what my Joseph is going to receive, and I will send a similar one to anybody that would like to have it for their child/children.
For each child you want the letter from Santa be sent to, email me with the name, gender and number of brothers and sisters together with your mailing address*.
If you would like something different to be written on the letter, just send me the wording, and I will copy and paste it in the letter for you.
You will then be able to make a $5 pay pal deposit to the email address I will answer you back with to let you know that I have all the needed info for the letter to be sent.
The letters will be sent at the end of November for all requests received by November 28th, and the second week of December for all the requests received  by December 8th.
*Offer valid for USA, Canada and APO addresses only.
Order  before November 23rd at noon and I will take $1 off each card for you!
Contact me  for any other question you might have.

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