Friday, November 27, 2009

You better "swatch" out!

This year I am not going crazy looking for Black Friday deals. I am staying home, enjoying my pumpkin cheesecake for breakfast, and relaxing with my family.
If you are reading this blog post the same day I am writing it, you might be just like me, and avoid this year's craziness.
But just in case you feel like you have to get at least one GREAT deal, I have one for you, and you don't even need to get in line, or risk your life because some crazy person has to have that deal no matter what.
I have showed you the swatch book in a couple previous posts, and if you liked the idea, you might like this cyber weekend deal:
You can get 5 swatch book at less than $10 each!
Need ideas on what to do with a swatch book? Easy!
You will find a great selection of swatch book templates in the template gallery.
I chose just a few that I think  you might like(click on the one that catches your attention to see a preview):
A cute phone book.
I love it that...
Busy moms purse calendar
Show off your family!
Sweet Safari girl swatch book
Dogs are special
Football Memories
Holiday Recipes
Counting My blessings
Vintage Family
You can also create your own, maybe an ABC swatch book, or a colors and numbers swatch book, or a genealogy tree swatch book...
I think I might end up creating these very same projects soon^_^
Here is the flier:

You have until November 30th to contact me and get this great deal or even the calendar deal.
You will be amazed at the reaction your loved ones will have when they receive a HM gift!
You can get a free Publishing account by signing up at and start creating unlimited projects at once!
Want more? Check out our incredible host rewards and fantastic package deals!!

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