Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's never too early ...

...or too late to help your children remember each of their family members and how much they mean to them!
I have been pretty sick this week, I still am, but I just couldn't stand not being able to work at any project, so I decided to go for something simple.
I looked in the template gallery, and I found the perfect template for a swatch book for my sweet Luca.
He is 14 months old, and I think he is ready to start learning about his closest family members, both the ones who live here in America and the Italian ones who are living in England.
The template I found  was so perfect I didn't have to change much: it took more time to decide which pictures I wanted to use than to actually create the swatch book!

There are pictures of when he was born, pictures of his mamma and daddy, his brothers, his nana and granddaddy, his great grandparents, his nonna Rita, and also his nonno Oreste, (he will never meet him in this life, but I know he met him before coming here on earth, and he will meet him after this life), and then there are pictures of cousins and aunts.

I am really proud of the final result, and I know I will enjoy countless moments going through this swatch book with my boy, and also having to ask his brothers to bring it back;)
Not to count the fact that I have been able to produce something even if I was so sick I couldn't think!

Thank goodness for templates that help me feel accomplished no matter what!

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