Friday, October 16, 2009

Hero DVDs can do a lot for your family

"I wanted to share my experience with the History Hero DVDs. I was not sure I thought they were a great addition to our products when they were released. I bought a set last month so I could have them and use them for my family and as the [sample] product. What I found out amazed me!
All three of my kids from Jaxon, who is 12, to Mckell, who is 6, are fighting over whose turn it is to "pick" the hero to watch. I have to admit it is now a family affair. I have learned so much about each person in the DVD. And to make it even better, there is an adventure quiz at the end that has three separate quiz levels. Well, we have to do all three levels and see who knows the most.
I am really inspired after seeing the results. My kids love it. They are learning and we are spending quality time watching something that matters. I would much rather have them watching how Galileo did not give up, even after 50 years of trying vs. Transformers! We have watched five DVDs and the kids can hardly wait for dad to come home to watch another one.
Hallie Redd"

I am not one that likes to have her kids in front of the TV, I prefer them playing outside or reading a good book, but when they can make good use of technology with an interactive DVD, I am more than happy to let them do it!

If you are a grandma or a granddad and  want to do something really special and useful for your grandchildren, this is what you have been waiting for. Even if your children/grandchildren don't like cartoons, they will like these DVDs because they are much more than that, and you will enjoy witnessing the progress they will make while they learn about important History Heroes and events.

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