Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My child is a VIP!

Since board books have come to be, I have been wanting to create one for my child, and the "I am a VIP" template was just perfect for my Jacob.
He is my middle child, he is 3 years old and sometimes I see that he feels like he is not as important as his big brother who goes to school or his little brother, whom I am still nursing and consequently gets lots more mommy and me time than Jacob does.

So, I started creating this board book starting from the template, and made the appropriate changes to fit it to our family.
This morning Jacob saw what I was working on, and he was so excited because there was a  book that was all about him.
He asked me to see it over and over, and I couldn't say no, seeing his smile and joy when turning every page through the project viewer. He kept saying" It's all about me, it's all about me!!!".
We went through each page, he told me who everybody was, and I helped him remember the cousins who live in England. I hope this will help him think about them more often, maybe even getting closer to them.

I told him he would then be able to really read it all by himself soon, and he asked if the book was in the garage. He just wanted to have it at once!
I had to explain him that mommy needed to add a few more things and then she would publish it and we would have had the book here in just 2 weeks.
I am so happy I decided to create this board book, if Jacob is so excited by just seeing it on the computer, can you imagine how happy he will be when he will have the book in his hands and will be able to bring it with him everywhere and show it off with his friends? I can see him going to his Nana and saying:"Look Nana, it's all about me!"

He will also be able to remember about his nonno Oreste, my dad, whom he never saw in this life, but we firmly believe he was with him before he was born and inspired us to "do what we had to do" to have Jacob come into our family. That's why Jacob's middle name is Oreste.

I don't know who is more excited about this book, if it is me or Jacob!;)

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