Monday, October 5, 2009

Italian word art

If you have been looking at my profile or at any of my genealogy trees, you know that I am Italian.
I am a proud Italian. I love everything Italian, and love my mother language.
I have been looking around for some Italian word art, but I haven't found much, so I have decided that I am going to start creating my own.
After all, this is just another way to preserve and share my heritage.
These are my first attempts:

I think we all know what this means, but just in case, the translation is LOVE.

Love, true love grows and becomes deep with time, nor ends with life

Loving you is like the breath inside me:
I cannot live without you.
And a little freebie for you, if you like Italian word art too:

This means beautiful baby (girl).
If you would like me to create some Italian word art for your own layouts or create a whole layout for you, contact me as pricing varies on a per project basis.
You can also upload these word art and layouts in your Publishing account , even add your own pictures if you like and have them  professionally printed in gorgeous papers, storybooks, canvases, or posters to frame and hang in your home, or I can do it all for you!

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