Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Becoming Italian word by word

You''ll never know what treasure you will find when you start looking online for something that is difficult to find! Well, I think I found one!
During my quest for Italian word art, I stumbled upon this blog that made me forget my research for quite a while, since I had to read and read and read.

The blogger, Diane Hale is the Author of "La Bella Lingua: My Love Affair with Italian, the World's Most Enchanting Language".
When introducing her blog, she proceeds to apologize for any strafalcioni (gross blunders), but I believe she does a superb job at talking about Italian language and culture, and that her blog might be a great starter for people that want to learn Italian language going through its culture first.

I already forwarded the link to the blog to my husband, who in 6 1/2+years of our marriage has yet to learn Italian at a deeper level than the phrases I shout to my children when they don't behave or when it is time to come to the table and the ninna-nanne (lullabies) I sing them at night.

On her last post she reminds the readers that October is Italian Heritage month.
This makes me think that I was even more inspired in searching for Italian word art and then starting creating it my self, so I want to thank her again for her blog and the bits of Italian language and culture she shares   that are so dear to my heart.

I highly recommend this blog to anyone that wants to know a little more about Italian culture and language, and also to Italians that like me are married to Americans and want to sparkle their interest and love for this wonderful language, and get them to study it more!

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