Saturday, October 10, 2009

Discover the Hero in your child

A child is always a hero to his parents, but sometimes it might be a little difficult to remember it!
Too often our children don't realize the huge potential  in them, and we look for ways to help them recognize their value, but it is not a easy task.
When this morning I found the template for the History heroes book which  complements the history heroes DVD  that are now offered by Heritage Makers in partnership with Nest entertainment, I couldn't help but start one for my own child!
What a great gift for any child, a book where he can see that he has the same characteristic as Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Alexander Graham Bell and many others.
He/she will be able to see that he is indeed a hero in your eyes, and will be able to walk confidently through every challenge in his/her life!
I prefer my children to watch DVDs about History Heroes and learn something from them instead of  watching useless or violent cartoons all the time! With a storybook about them and how they relate to each History hero whose story they are watching in TV, I cannot go wrong!

Click on the image above to know more about the whole DVD- storybook offer.
This Christmas you can give your child a gift that he/she will cherish forever and that will give him a boost in life!
Now this is a way to improve your future family history!^_^
Want to create one for your child?
Just contact me and I'll get you started in a jiff!
UPDATE: History heroes DVD are not offered by Heritage Makers anymore, but the template for the books are still available in the template gallery, so if you own or plan to buy the DVDs online, the book is still a wonderful way to help your child discover what makes him a hero.
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