Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 minutes Christmas card

Today  I have been on a roll!
Heritage Makers just released the most beautiful new holiday cards. Designer Jill Means shares 24 gorgeous cards for us. And, the best part…they can all be created in Basic, for FREE!

Since it only takes 5 minutes to drag and drop photos in place and change some wording, I have created many cards using these beautiful templates, and then I couldn't stop so I have looked for more templates, both in BASIC and PREMIER and I have also created some more cards from scratch. What can I say... I am addicted!
I am in love with each and everyone of them, more than likely I will end up sending a different card to each person on my list!

Start creating your holiday cards today at Your cards are sure to be hung the entire holiday season, and to be looked at even later!
You can create as many cards as you like, publish as many copies as you want and also use direct shipping to each person you upload in your address book or have them all sent to your home.
You can see these templates, together with many of the others I found,  in this facebook album,  or you can do a search in the template gallery for Jill Means, or Christmas, or holiday etc.
Let me help you create some very special greeting cards this year!
You can get a free Publishing account by signing up at and start creating unlimited projects at once!
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