Monday, November 23, 2009

What time is it?

Time for the family!
Creating this family clock is extremely simple, just choose one of the many templates on the template gallery, drag and drop your favorite picture(s) click publish, and when you get it on your doorstep, cut it to fit your 9 inch clock( only $4 at Wallmart). punch a hole in the middle, place it it in the clock, and you are done!

It doesn't look like a $4  clock anymore, and it serves as a reminder that Family is really about time!

Wouldn't this be a great Christmas gift? So inexpensive and at the same time so precious!
You can create it for your family members, or just wrap the clock with a gift certificate for a 8x8 page credit, and let the person receiving the gift decide what picture and template to use.

You can create any kind of clock you might think of:
any event or any hobby/passion can be captured in a clock like this and remind you as time goes by of what is really important to you!

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