Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Count down blocks!

Look what I found in the template gallery!
A great idea for this Holiday Season!
Super cute squares to modge podge on 2 wooden cubes to create your own countdown blocks personalized with your pictures!
Why didn't I think of it first?!;)
You will find the instructions on how to create it on the template itself when you choose it to create it with your publishing account.
 Just drag and drop your own pictures, and you will be done!

As you can see this template will make 2 sets of countdown blocks, but you can choose to make just one, or also to change embellishments, backgrounds, anything, since our templates are completely modifiable!
This can be also used as a timeless calendar to show off in your family room!
How about this for a special Christmas gift idea?^_^
You will find this and many other ideas in our template gallery, every day it's a surprise!
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