Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cheer for the sport hero in your family!

How much time do you spend running your kids around to go to their sport practice? How many games you go to cheer your kid up?
You spend so much time supporting your child endeavors, that you need to preserve it in a book!
Your children are the best, they are the champions, it doesn't matter is only to you or the whole team! Let them  know by creating a book about this or last year season, personalized lanyards, flashcards for the whole team, and super cool posters to proudly show off in their bedroom!
With the many sport related templates, it is so easy to tell your child he/she is the hero in your home!
You can coordinate them too!
Look at this fantastic Soccer collection!

Check them out!
Football Player 5x5 Storybook
Football  Player 8x8 book
Football lanyard

More coordinates will be added, but there are many more sport templates too choose from and  and if you don't like something, you can always modify a template to match it to your child's team colors, add more or less pictures, you can really do anything you want with these templates!
How about a cute clock with a picture of your baseball champion:

How great would be for your kid to be the star on a magazine cover like this:

or to be in a great poster like this?

  with a coordinated book like this?

How cool would this 12x12 page look framed!

On the CavaGenealogy facebook page you will find pictures of more posters, cards, books etc to choose from or to sparkle your ideas for your little champion!
Should you not find the template for the item you are looking for, no problem! I can always create it!
So, cheer for the sport hero in your family, and preserve these precious memories!

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