Saturday, December 12, 2009

January is going to be amazing!

Ok, so, you are so busy you cannot even think to have a workshop this month, but those host rewards are surely desirable!
No worries! If you can take just a couple minutes to contact me and book a workshop for January, you are going to be in for a treat!
January is going to be the most amazing month ever!!!
On January there are going to be even greater reward! Up to 10% more in addition to the already incredible rewards, and much more! You need to check this flier to believe it!

Contact me today, as my agenda fills up faster now that my husband got a job;), so the sooner you get me the best chances to get the date you want.
I am also going to set up a virtual workshop post, where those of you that don't live in the Jacksonville area or just have no time to have a get together with their friends/and or family, can just send their "virtual guests" so that they might see all  the wonderful products available and can choose what they want. They simply sign up if they don't already have an Heritage Makers account, then they let me know that they want to be added to your workshop, make the order and voila'.

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