Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are you a cat lover?

If you know me, if you really really know me, then you must know that I am a cat lover. I have taken care of hundreds of cats during the course of my life
I cannot possibly count the times my mom would scream at me for bringing home yet another cat in desperate need.
I cannot blame her, in fact, I would take such good care of these cats, that not only would they survive, but they would thrive, and pretty much start a tribe at our home and property.
What can I say... I loved them, and they loved me! I had to leave 20 cats when I came here to America, and I still miss them and dream of them...
I have many stories I could tell you about them, and probably will, little by little, share all that they have thought me...
While we don't have cats in our home(YET), I always think of them, so you can imagine how much I fell in love with this swatch book template when I discovered it in the template gallery.

Click here to see a preview of the whole template, you'll get a kick out of it!

I think it would make a perfect gift for an animal lover like me!
You can bring your favorite pet with you everywhere you go!

I miss my cats so much that I have decided to give away a swatch book credit to a real cat lover.
Leave a comment telling me about your cat(s), and why you think he/she/ they deserve(s) to be on a swatch book.
The most touching/funny/crazy story about your cats that I will receive before Christmas, will be the one that will make someone a proud cat  swatch book owner.
Start going down memory lane,while going through those pictures of your best friend, I am sure you will find the perfect story to share with us!^_^

*shipping not included

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