Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Resolutions

Wow, is it really here? Is it really going to be 2010?
This looks like a very special year to be!
Have you thought about your new year resolutions yet?
Mine are quite a few:
  1. Surprising my Eternal Companion more and more in every possible way
  2. Spending more quality time with my children(It's never enough!)
  3. Looking for more opportunities to make somebody smile
  4. Finish that cookbook that everybody has been waiting on! (no more putting it aside for work related projects!)
  5. Going to Italy! As a vacation, maybe forever?;)
  6. Taking better care of myself, after all, if mamma doesn't function, nothing functions in the house!
  7. Strenghtening my testimony
  8. Improving my spoken English!
The list is actually much  longer, but you will have to be content with this little sneak peak!;)
With each resolution accomplished, will come memory preserving, either in a book, calendar, card, journal, any means is valid to preserve and share the special moments, accomplishments, opportunities that this new year will bring.

If you haven't compiled your 2010 New Year Resolution yet, I invite you to do it, and maybe preserve it for your Yearbook, check it out at least once a month, to make sure that you are been faithful to yourself, and then at the end of the year to evaluate everything.
Our life is so busy that we often tend to forget the most important things, and we need all the help we can get to focus and keep on the right path.
May this year be the year that we might keep our most important resolutions, and that we might see our life and the life of the ones we love flourish and thrive.
Make sure this year is unforgettable, and take even just a few minutes at a time to record what matters most to you. It will be worth it!
Have a wonderful 2010!

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