Friday, August 14, 2009

My new favorite! And it's FREE!!!^_^

Since the new FREE basic art has been introduced, I have watched the template gallery grow with new templates, and I have literally fallen in love with a (3 fold) family fold, which can be used to preserve any happy moment in your life.
I chose to use it for our family reunion pictures, and for some happy pictures at the pool and the beach.
It turned out amazing!

I am so excited that now everybody can get a glimpse on the creative possibilities with Heritage Makers with these new FREE Art, I cannot stop talking about it!!!

You can create a beautiful project like this by just signing up here and then going to the Template Gallery and looking through the many beautiful templates that are created with the new free Art, click on the project you like, start it, upload your picture and drag and drop them in each spot!

I would love to see what your projects look like!

Even better, only for the month of August, when you participate in a workshop( virtually or in person) you can receive a free credit for a family fold, which means that you can have it printed for FREE!!!!
Contact me to know more about this amazing possibility!

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