Thursday, August 6, 2009


Isn't it incredible how time seems to fly when it comes to see our children growing? My sweet Luca turned 1 yesterday, and I wanted to create something special for him, he is such a sweet little giant!!!
So, I created this invitation, to use on facebook in digital format and print on a 5x7 invitation HM format.
Everybody loved it, and I know when he will look at what his mom did for him, he will be so proud!
It surely is not your everyday invitation!

I loved creating this invitation so much, that I got another idea for my first born, who is turning 5 in September: since he is going to have a Dinosaur cake, I tweaked Luca's invitation changing backgrounds and words, and added dinosaur embellishments.
I also thought that it would be cute to have pictures from each of his previous birthdays, to show how much he has changed, especially look at his hair!!!

I might change the front picture once I take some more beach pictures, but this is mainly what his birthday party invitation is going to look like!

Last, but not least, this is the invitation I created for my second child, who turned 3 in July, in a totally different style:
It is so easy and fun to create one of a kind cards and invitations with Heritage Makers, I just can't stop!^_^

Not to mention how less expensive is to make them and to ship them with the direct shipping available!
No more stamp licking!^_^
You can create your own by signing up for a FREE basic account here.

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