Monday, September 26, 2011

Family tree advent Calendar

Christmas is less than 3 months away, and everywhere I go, I already see Christmas trees and commercials on TV about your Christmas list, so it was only natural that I checked some Christmas ideas in the Template Gallery.
This one really caught my eye, and sparkled my Creative Genealogy gene.
The Template is called Advent Calendar and it is designed by Darcie Toom.
12x12 Scrap Page
Template ID: 36277

It is designed so that you can put random family pictures, but you know very well, as a genealogist, the pictures in my project have to have a meaning.

All I did was changing the order of pictures and decorations under the windows and the Template is now a Family tree advent Calendar!

How cool is that?
You will find instructions on how to put it together inside the template, even if it is pretty obvious.
I already published it and I checked, it was shipped, so it should be here any day. I will probably post it for you to see once it is here and we put it together!
This is going to be another precious heirloom for our family. The kids are going to learn about a member of our family tree each day a window opens on a picture, about the Christmas story, even if all they will really be excited about is when the window opens on something fun to do or some treat to eat or prepare!

You can reorganize the original template by yourself during the Free Premier weekend, or, if you decide to join my HM club, I will transfer the Family tree advent Calendar to your account as soon as you start your membership.

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