Friday, January 29, 2010

Could you use unlimited photo storage?

How many pictures do you take in a year?
If you are someway like me, maybe the question should be how many pictures a week, but if you are just like me, then I should ask you how many pictures you take in a day!
This means that you have hundreds, thousands of pictures somewhere on a computer, on some memory cards, hopefully an external hard drive.
If you already have all of your pictures in at least two places, let's say your computer and an external hard drive, KUDOS to you...
Thing is, both the computer and the external hard drive can malfunction, and you might end up losing some if not all of your precious pictures.
It almost happened to me!
In one day, both my computer and my external hard drive crashed, and it would have been the end of the world, if I didn't know that I had already uploaded all my pictures on my Heritage Makers account.
All my pictures are safely stored there, and I can download them any time, on any computer, wherever I found my self in the world!
I have my Premier membership, and this allows me to upload all the pictures I want, and do what I want with them.
I can
  • Use them to create any of my projects using the 45000+ digital art elements available
  • Download them on any computer, anywhere, always at the same resolution as they were uploaded.
  • Share them with my family and friends, thus allowing them to simply print them , download them on their computer and/or create projects of their own with them.
  • Organize them in various folders and have them available wherever I go! I can work on them at home, office, library, college, anywhere with an internet connection!
  • No need to bring a laptop with you!
 Can you tell I love premier?
Where else can you get all this for less than $9 a month?
Actually, I haven't found any other place that has all that the Heritage Makers Premium membership offers, period!
Check out the video that talks about premier  in a previous post!
You gotta give it a try! You will not be disappointed!
A whole year of  Premier membership for $99.95! Only until January 31st!
Contact me before Saturday night and leave a number where I will be able to reach you, to take advantage of this incredible offer, and why not, get a premier membership for a loved one! Peace of mind, an entire digital scrapbook store at your hand, templates, organization, photo storage.. .Premier membership has it all, and now you can have it too!

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