Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bookmark your valentine!

How many valentines are going to be bought this year and then will fly in the trash in the next few days following Valentines day?
You know I hate waste, and I particularly dislike generic things, so when I found this template in the template gallery, I thought it would be really cool if my kid could hand out these cute bookmarks with his pictures this year. Aren't they adorable?

This has been created in a 5x7  invitation format, and will make 3 bookmarks once printed.
I am also thinking to create some for the grandparents, with a picture of all three boys in it, and just put "Granpa Rocks" or "Nana Rocks" on the back, so that they can see a picture of their grandchildren every time they sit to read!
If you would like to meke your children's valentines stand out this year, you can send me their pictures and I will create them for you, or you can create them yourself on your HM Publishing account.
Contact me to know more!
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