Thursday, January 14, 2010

The best Valentine...

Valentine's day is going to be here sooner that you might think, and more than likely you are already thinking what you can do this year that is not the same as all the other years and that actually says"I love you and I really care about you"...
How about you just SAY it?
How about you tell your loved one about the reasons you love her/him in a 7x5 Storybook, just the right size to have always at hand, and at heart?
This is what I exactly did for my husband last year, and what is even better, he did the same for me!!!^_^
You can see my whole book for him here.
And his whole book for me here.
That was the best gift ever!
Sometimes we are so busy in our eclectic life, that we just hope our Soul mate just knows that we love him/her...
Well, that's not the case. The book my husband created for me, reminds me of the things he loves in me, and how much he loves me, and the same does my book for him.
Roses can look and smell good, chocolates can be so tasty and delicious, but they don't last, a book will be forever, just like your LOVE!
So, contact me today, and get ready to see a little tear of joy in the eyes of your loved one on Valentine's day! (or any other special day!)^_^
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