Friday, November 18, 2011

Kids family tree placemat games ideas

My kids have been  dieing to be able to use their family tree mats, poor babies, their mamma has been so much busy doing so many things, she hasn't had time to put her ideas into action for a long time.

I finally got around to doing it, and I must say, I am pretty proud of the final result!
Here it is:
A world map where they can point where their ancestors were born, lived or got married.
Since my husband's family was established in USA for at least 4 generations,  and mine was all from the same area in Italy, I created 2 games.
This is for the American side:

 Here is the version for the Italian side.

Family names word puzzle.

These are the ones I already created for my kids, and I am going to publish in the next few days.
Once I receive these prints, I will match them with each of my kids family tree placemats and then laminate them, so that they can use washable dry erase markers to play the games
A couple more ideas:

Match the couple game, where the child needs to trace a line to connect each husband to his wife.

A family traits matching game, where the kid connects his eyes, nose, mouth, hair etc to his parents and grandparents, to see who looks more like him.

What ideas have you come up with to keep your kids entertained at dinner/lunch time and at the same time nourish their love for their family history?

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Razzle Dazzle Mom said...

I LOVE these ideas! Your placemats look fabulous and will teach your children about who and where they came from. I think I am going to make mine in an 8x10 size and laminate and put in a binder for long travels.

Thanks so much for the ideas!



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