Wednesday, July 7, 2010

3+ generations in a cube

I have had a few people asking for more affordable ideas to help kids learn and love their genealogy and family history, so here is a photo cube with at least 3 generations  that is fun and easy to create.
I first created a template on my website using a 8.5x11 page and then dragged and dropped the pictures of my kids, of my husband and me, and of our parents.
I published it and got it shipped to my home together with some other projects I had been working on.
The page was about  $2.69 plus shipping (I had pre-purchased a package of (10) 8.5x11 scrap page credits, since I love to use them for my projects)
I also used one of those 50% coupons for Joann's or Micheals and purchased a 3.5x3.5 photo cube, making it less than $2, taxes included.
I cut the photos and then placed them inside the cube.
This project can be personalized with some little heirlooms or little stories about each person inside the cube.
You could create a cube for each person and then make your very own pyramid/family tree cubes. You could make a puzzle with them... You get the idea!
Have fun!

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