Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August host gifts and rewards

Here comes August, and while we are still enjoying our Summer, soon we will be sending our kids to school...
Where will the memories go?
How about on some gorgeous scrap pages?
This month you can choose to receive 5 free 12x12 scrap page credits when you host a workshop!
And your guests get a free scrap page coupon too!
Check out the flier!
You can also earn up to 20% in free credits!!! And that's in addition to your hosting gift!

Contact me ASAP to host a workshop, and be rewarded!

Remember, workshops can be in person or virtual, you choose!

 If you live in the Jacksonville, FL area, I will come to your home and not only show the storybooks and other projects they can realize with Heritage Makers, but I will also show them how to get started and how the online software is easy and intuitive. They will be able to start creating that same day!
If you are not in my area, don't worry. You don't need to be in my area to be a host.
All can be done virtually.
You can either have friends over at your house, or if they are all far away or all very busy, you can communicate through emails or phone calls, and they can give a look at the 2010 spring catalog and check out all the wonderful and inspiring ideas that are displayed in it, and also you can send them a link to my blog, to check all that I have created.
They will just need to contact me telling me that they are your guests, and make any order. It will go through your whole "workshop" order, and they will each get the free gift(12x12 scrapbook page) while you will get the host gifts and rewards.
I will also guide them through online presentations that will teach them how to use the free online editing software and take advantage of its full functionality.
The more friends you share the news with, the more products credits you will have the chance to earn!
Plus, your friends will be glad you helped them become the heritage makers in their home!
Feel free to contact me with any question about workshops, offers, quality of the books etc, I am here to help you every step of the way!

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