Sunday, May 13, 2012

A genealogist's view of a mother

This morning, I was sitting on the chair while my husband was making my mother's day breakfast, and I started to think that I wanted to make a mother's day quote that could be also used as a genealogy quote... A few minutes later, this is what was created:
Then another one came to my mind, and I feel that it really shows how important mothers are in a family tree.
I know that to us genealogists, a mother's maiden name can be frustrating when not found, because it means slowing  down our researches, pulling our hair, sleepless nights, but we carry something that will not show on the paper. 
 It is a love that gets carried down from generation to generation and  defines us much more than a last name could.

It took just a couple minutes to make these 2 pages (it took more to think of the quotes:)).
I just love how putting a quote on a page and beautifying it with images just enhances the whole meaning of it.
I just want to wish a happy mother's day to the mother that were, the mothers that are, and the mothers that will bless the lives of children all over the world!

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