Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kids heritage blocks as FHE activity

My boys had been asking for so long to have their own blocks, after I created the ones with our wedding pictures, so we decided  it was about time I would not only do it for them, but with them.
My husband went and got another 2x4, cut it, sanded it, and tonight for our FHE(Family Home Evening), we talked about genealogy and how important our children are to us, and as activity, we painted the blocks and put their pictures on them.

The boys were so thrilled!
Since they are still so young, and the blocks were so inexpensive, I gave them a set of extra block to just express their creativity, while I was doing most of the work..

Still, I wanted these blocks to have their touch, so I let them paint the sides a little:
and they got to put their own picture on their block:

I finished gluing the pieces of scrap paper that I had created with the Studio online software, and let them dry for about 30 minutes, while we were talking a little more about how important families are and how much we care for each of them. I wanted my boys to remember, each time they will look at these blocks, or play with them, that we care for them, and these are a symbol of our love for them.
Once our boys went to bed, I applied the coat of modge podge on each side of the blocks with glued scrap paper, and let dry.

I can't wait to see my boys' faces in the morning!
I know they are going to love them!

You can create these blocks with your own children too, for your FHE, family night, or simply when you desire to have some fun and constructive time together. They are easy to create, and being so durable, they will be a precious memento for your kids for years to come, not to mention that they are another great way to sparkle their interest in genealogy, since they have info on their birth and their parents, and if desired, more blocks can be created with pictures and info of parents, grandparents, and so on.
You could practically end up creating a genealogy tree out of these heritage blocks!
Wouldn't that be priceless?


Kim Milius said...

Saw your link on sugardoodle's facebook page - Great idea & such cute pictures!

Heidi said...

very VERY cute!!! May have to copy this!



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